Tonsil Stone Removal Kit

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The tonsil stone removal kit includes three tools to help you remove tonsil stones as well as prevent them from coming back.


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The solution to remove and prevent tonsil stones easily

Your tonsil anatomy is unique! So, we designed the tonsil stone removal kit to work for all types of tonsils. Try the tonsil stone removal kit with a 30-days money back guarantee.

Products 100% stainless steel

Fresh breath

Tackling the root of bad breath.
Products Easy to clean and sterilize

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Illustrated instructions to guide you.
Products Solid and safe design

Complete solution

Three tools to get them all!
Products Reusable

Boosted confidence

Fresh breath and confidence boost guaranteed!

The Tonsil Stone Removal Kit to get rid of Bad Breath

Get rid of tonsil stones forever with the tonsil stone removal kit. The three tools are complementary to ensure healthy tonsils and a fresh breath. No more halitosis or chronic sore throat problems. The tonsil stone remover is a cost-effective solution to the expensive tonsillectomy.

Tonsil related issues, such as inflammation of the tonsils (tonsillitis) Tonsil stones (tonsilolith) , lead to sore throat discomfort as well as embarrassing bad breath that affect social interactions. The tonsil stone remover kit is the solution to avoid all these issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the kit?

  • The tonsil stone scoop with led light:
    The tonsil scoop enables to explore the tonsil crypts and dislodge tonsil stones.
  • The curved tip syringe:
    Cleanse out the tonsils to wash away tonsil debris and prevent the creation of larger tonsil stones.
  • The tongue scraper:
    Scrape off tongue phlegm and prevent the formation of new stones.
  • An digital user manual:
    Get the most out of your kit with detailed instructions on how to use the tonsil stone remover kit efficiently.
  • Three spare batteries:
    There are three batteries included in the tonsil stone scoop as well as three spare batteries in case you need to replace them.

Guaranteed to Solve Bad Breath?

Do you want to cure that unbearable, embarrassing, foul smell that comes with tonsil stones?
The tonsil stone removal kit is the affordable risk-free solution.

Use this complete, tonsil stone removal kit at home and put an end to bad breath once and for all.

Risk-Free Purchase

If the tonsil stone remover kit does not meet or exceed your expectations, return the kit within 30 days and receive a FULL REFUND of your purchase hassle-free.

Waste no more time

Get Your Tonsil Stone Removal Kit Today and get rid of tonsil stones forever.

Why the tonsil stones removal kit?

Unlike many other remedies, the tonsil stone removal kit focuses on the cause of bad breath and sore throats. Instead of just curing the symptoms or covering the unpleasant smell.

Many people do have tonsil stones. However, the greater part suffers in silence, not knowing how to solve the problem, others have them but do not even know it’s the cause of their bad breath and sore throats. If you are here it is already a good step in the right direction!

Why are tonsil stones the root of bad breath?

The tonsil stone remover kit provides a solution for bad breath, by targeting the source of halitosis. Namely, the foul-smelling volatile sulfur compounds (smell of rotten eggs) that are present in the mouth of someone suffering from bad breath.

Researchers found that 75% of the people who had abnormally high concentrations of these compounds and thus were suffering from bad breath, had tonsil stones*.

By removing the tonsil stones, and cleaning one’s tongue, the apparition of tonsillitis or sore throat is dramatically decreased. Indeed, leaving this white material in one’s mouth provided a perfect environment for infectious bacteria’s to feed on. Get rid of it and these bacteria’s won’t be able to grow in large numbers anymore.

Knowing what causes of bad breath half the battle is

Unfortunately, most people don’t really know they have tonsil stones or a high concentration of sulfuric compounds in their mouth, and that it causes sore throats and bad breath.

So, they are using mouthwashes, chewing gums, etc. These remedies, however, do not provide a solution. As they act by covering the smell of these sulfuric compounds instead of targeting the source of the bad breath.

The tonsil stone remover kit will help you solve the annoying tonsil related issues forever. Try it our with a 30-day money back guarantee.

(89 customer reviews)

89 reviews for Tonsil Stone Removal Kit

  1. Sam

    I’ve struggled with tonsil stones for a while now and now It’s so easy rather than either trying to pick them out or my throat getting painful this tool makes it so easy to remove

  2. Sally

    The led light tonsil pick is long enough and has several changeable heads to use. I’d advise to do a little each day to avoid sore tonsils. The light works best in a semi dark room. I had removed several stones with a cotton bud previously

  3. Jessica

    Seen some people say there’s no instructions! It’s an online manual!

  4. G

    I never leave reviews however I think people who suffer from tonsil stones need to know about this product! No pain

  5. JJ

    Don’t try do a lot at once as you’ll start bleeding

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