Metal Tongue Scraper


The tongue scraper removes the white phlegm from your tongue. Clean you tongue and improve your oral health and overall well-being.


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Say goodbye to bad breath with a pink tongue.

The metal tongue scraper has flexible U-shape, designed to perfectly fit your tongue.
Tongue scraping eliminates bad breath and enhances taste buds and leaves you with a clean pink tongue.

See, feel, and taste the difference.

Products 100% stainless steel

Fresh breath

Tackling the root of bad breath.
Products Easy to clean and sterilize

User manual

Illustrated instructions to guide you.
Products Solid and safe design

Solid design

Designed to last for years.


Products Reusable

Surgical stainless steel

Casted in one piece of medical grade steel.


The metal tongue scraper, a simple solution for a fresh breath

Brushing your teeth is crucial for a good oral hygiene. Knowing that teeth only represent 10% of mouth, brushing alone is not enough for a complete oral care. The tongue is a crucial part of the oral cavity and taking care of it is essential.

Simply adding a 20 second tongue scrape in the morning and in the evening before brushing you teeth will help you get rid of bad breath.

See and feel the new taste of clean by using this tongue scraper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I scrape my tongue?

The metal tongue scraper cleans off the white patina on your tongue which is made of bacteria, dead cells, food debris getting lodged between your papillae.

This patina is a playground for bad smelling bacteria which then causes embarrassing bad breath.

Scraping of this white patina free your tongue and thus eliminates the bad breath that comes with it. Tongue scraping also freeing your taste buds, which increases your sense of taste.

Try scraping you tongue twice a day with the metal tongue scraper and feel the difference a fresh pink tongue has on your overall well-being.

Why use stainless steel tongue scraper?

Stainless steel is a strong and flexible metal, so it is very suitable for tongue scrapers. Made toi last a lifetime the metal tongue scraper is also easy to clean. To clean it thoroughly, you can hand wash it or put the tongue scrape in the dishwasher.

Stainless steel much more hygienic than plastic or nylon toothbrushes bristles. It accumulates less mould and can be sterilized any time by placing it in boiling water.

What is the advantage of this form for a tongue scraper?

The metal tongue scraper is ergonomic and easy to use. The flexible design makes it perfect to fir the size of your tongue and scrape everything off efficiently. The handle offers a tight grip.


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