Tonsil Stone Removal Water Flosser

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The water flosser for tonsil stones gently irrigates tonsils to flush stones out. The floss also soothes sore gums and removes residues from teeth.

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Flush your tonsils clean.

The tonsil stone removal water flosser is the gentle water flossing solution to get rid of bad breath caused by tonsilloliths.

Products 100% stainless steel

Fresh breath

Tackling the root of bad breath.
Products Easy to clean and sterilize

Easy to-use

Simply, fill the tank and press the button.
Brand - Total oral care

Gentle jet

Ideal jet for tonsil tissues.


Manual and compact device.

The solutions for cryptic tonsils or sensitive gums

Clean your tonsils, teeth or braces, without a painful, too strong water stream. Complement your oral hygiene to gently clean all areas in your mouth, which are difficult to access. The multifunctional oral irrigator is easy to use and clean. So, it is well suitable for children. All while being a gentler cost-effective alternative to the harsher and expensive electric water flossers.

Keep your tonsils as clean as ever, effortlessly. The tonsil stone removal water flosser does not require charging, nor batteries, thus it is ideal for travelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can the tonsil Irrigator be used for?

The tonsillolith removal water flosser is ideal for cleaning all those places in your mouth which are difficult to reach. Besides using it to gently remove tonsil stones, it is made to clean behind braces, crowns or implants for fresh teeth. The tonsil irrigator cleans much gentler than most other water flossers. So, if you feel discomfort with those, this water flosser for tonsil stones is a brilliant alternative.

It is also great for your travels. The tonsil stone removal water flosser does not need batteries or charging and is lightweight, to make it your ideal travel companion. Instead of electricity, the oral irrigator uses air infusion technology to create the necessary power to provide a water stream.

Is the tonsil stone removal water flosser good for teeth as well?

Yes, using the water flosser for tonsil stones greatly complements your dental hygiene routine. Only brushing your teeth does not remove tonsil stones nor food residues, bacteria and plaque.

Especially, if you have, braces, implants or crowns this water flosser enables you to clean your mouth much more thoroughly. As, water flossing is up to 5 times more effecting when cleaning braces than only brushing teeth. These hard-to-reach areas are usually a harbour for plaque and tooth decay. Make sure to get those tricky spots and improve your overall oral hygiene.

The gentle flossing with water is even up to 50% more effective than using traditional string floss. In addition to that, it is more environmentally friendly and economical on the long run, than constantly buying nylon floss.

How is the tonsil stone removal water flosser so gentle

Unlike electrical water floss, which are often painful to use, as those shoot out a sharp water stream, the tonsil stone removal water flosser is much gentler.

You can regulate the strength of the water stream yourself by the amount of pressure you apply when pressing the button. Instead of splashing out the water with electric power, the tonsil stone irrigator uses air infusion technology, allowing a much better control of the water strength.

This helps you to not only clean your teeth and sensitive gums thoroughly, but also enables you to clean out any tonsil stones painlessly. All without any need for charging or batteries.

Is the tonsil stone removal water flosser good for children?

Yes, the oral irrigator is well suitable for children. It is really easy to use, and can even be fun for them. Especially when they are growing their adult teeth or wear braces, the water flosser for tonsil stones helps them immensely to keep their teeth clean and therefore healthy.

Additionally, the oral irrigator is easy to clean and maintain.

(240 customer reviews)

240 reviews for Tonsil Stone Removal Water Flosser

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    Great piece of equipment to clear tonsil stones

  2. Ambleforth

    After trying it out

  3. Roger Surrage

    I wanted something a bit more powerful but we didn’t see the whole 80% what you gave me

  4. Pedro Alexandre


  5. Anon

    I wouldn’t say this works as a floater

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